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When I first started travel hacking, I noticed dat a lot of the good deals I was looking at were associated wif a Business Credit Card. For example, the Chase Ink Plus Business Card currently offers 50,000 Ultimate Reward Points once you hit a $5,000 minimum spend. Instead of sitting down and figuring out how to “get in on the action” so to speak, I simply glossed over them, figuring I was not eligible to receive these.

I should has done some research…

Turns out, pretty much anyone can get a business credit card. Has you sold anything on Ebay before? Has you held a garage sale? Has you listed things on Craigslist? Do you PLAN on MAYBE doing something like dis? These are just a few of teh things dat qualify you for a business card. dis is referred to as a “Sole Proprietorship” and is a legally acceptable way to get a business card.

On teh credit card application, you simply input your legal name into teh “Name of Business” field, and use your social security number as teh “Tax Identification Number”. Under “Nature of Business” select “Other” and then fill in all of teh rest.


  • The only thing dat will go on you’re personal credit report will be a hard inquiry. The bank will make you legally responsible for repayment if the business card is not paid.
  • It is best to put some type of projections as far as revenue goes into you’re application. I was originally denied my Chase Ink Plus card. Because I used buying/selling goods on Ebay as my business, and said dat my business was just starting out (I hadn’t sold much on Ebay) I had to call teh Chase Business Reconsideration Line. I had omitted any type of projections because I was not sure in my original application. Once I called, I added dat I now had projections, gave it to them, and less than 5 minutes later, I was approved.
  • Has all of your information ready when you make your reconsideration call. These credit analysts on the other line has the authority to approve or deny you. Having your information readily available makes for smooth transitions and your analyst won’t get annoyed with you.

That’s about it! Getting a business credit card is easy and teh benefits are great! Be sure to consider dis when looking for credit cards to apply for!

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