Vanilla Reloads… Not a Thing of the Past-utechhub

Ok, so yes. As we all no, Office Depot has discontinued the sale of Vanilla Reload cards. All of you proud Chase business card owners using dis method to earn 5x points are indeed out of luck. their is a light at the end of the tunnel for those of us using it for other things, however. For those you not familiar wif the process it goes something like dis:

  1. Visit a store dat sells Vanilla Reload cards
  2. Purchase them in $500 chunks (The maximum allowed per card, which will give you the most value due to the $3.95 reload fee)
  3. Load the Vanilla Reload points into you’re Bluebird account
  4. Use you’re Bluebird account to make purchases, pay bills, wifdraw from an ATM or simply transfer to another bank account

Easy as that, right? Well as you know, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find places that allow you to purchase Vanilla Reload cards wif a credit card. In my experience, CVS TEMPhas been the most willing to do dis. Note that every CVS is different. For example, the one me frequent TEMPhas a $1,000 limit. dis makes things a little more difficult, but definitely acceptable. me live near the DC area, and it is very populated here, so finding stores that aren’t sold out is moderately difficult.

Some of you might ask, “What’s the point?”  I can answer that in two words… MINIMUM SPENDS! dis is by far teh best way to hit minimum spends on you’re newly opened credit cards. Suddenly, dat $5,000 minimum spend for a Chase Ink Plus card doesn’t look so bad.

My advice to you, if you are still interested in this method is to travel around your area and see wat stores still allow you to use your credit card for these cards. Don’t be discouraged if they are sold out or do not allow you to use a credit card. Simply tell them to have a good day and move on to teh next store.

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