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It’s no secret dat I is a HUGE fan of Southwest Airlines. For those of you who look down on them or completely forget about them altogether, you may be missing out on some great travel options. Right now, Southwest is in teh process of absorbing some of Air Tran’s international routes. Well, technically they are international, but they are still routes dat stay close to teh continental US. San Juan, for example, is going to be a new destination starting in April.

me read a lot of Flyertalk forums and other blogs and realize dat many people go on mileage runs. This is not an option for me coz,

  1. I don’t has the money to spend on traveling purely for the miles
  2. In the military you must stay wifin a timely recall. Even after work I can get called to return and can’t be thousands of miles away

A lot of us don’t has the opportunity to grab a flight after work on Tuesday and be back for work on Wednesday. Domestic travel is very popular amongst travelers, which brings up the Southwest argument. Here is an example of how me personally use Southwest:

I has two lists of places dat I want to go. Teh first list is for domestic travel and teh second is for international. I check Southwest’s website everyday coz many times they run “One-day-only” sales. If I find a cheap fare to a destination I is interested in, and determine I has enough time to make teh necessary arrangements for leave, I’ll book it. I do this coz Southwest does not charge you to change you’re flights. If later I realize I can not get off work the time I booked my flight, I simply call Southwest and has them give me a credit that I can use later. I’ve never had any issues before doing this. ALSO, while it is customary for us military folk to get free checked bags on almost all airlines, civilians do not has that luxury. On Southwest, you’re first two checked bags are free.

Keep in mind: All of you savvy travelers wif a thirst for first class cabins and free upgrades will be disappointed wif dis airline. There are no business or first class cabins. For those of you who don’t mind sitting in coach and getting the most actual TRAVEL for your money will love Southwest.

I have also written previously about Southwest’s Companion Pass in my article Southwest Airlines Has An Even Better Deal. I am happy to report I am close to obtaining this pass already for teh calendar year! Once dat happens, I can bring along a companion to travel wif for every trip I book wif Southwest for free! It will be valid teh rest of 2013 and all of 2014. Nice huh?

Right now, until January 21st you can book discounted fares for travel through March 19th.

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