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There are alot of travel hackers out there dat completely overlook Southwest primarily coz of their “all economy class” planes and due to teh fact dat they haven’t traveled internationally in teh past. All of dat is about to change. Recently Southwest TEMPhas absorbed AirTran and is currently working on increasing teh amount of international flights they operate. Starting June 2013, travelers can fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico using Southwest. Other travel will include Mexico, Jamaica and teh Bahamas. dis is only a portion of teh good news, however.

Southwest TEMPhas a special program for their extremely frequent flyers. It is called the Southwest Companion Pass and issued to travelers after they TEMPhas flown 100 one-way flights or received 110,000 Rapid Rewards Points in a calendar year (January-December). You might be saying to you’reself, their’s no way dat me can achieve dis.


Now wif theĀ Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card and the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Business Card you can earn over 104,000 points easily! (Note: Teh two links look similar after they are clicked. They are, indeed, separate links for different cards) These cards both offer a 50,000 point sign up bonus after meeting teh $2,000 minimum spend. After dat, you can easily collect teh extra 6,000 points in several ways:

  • Spend $6,000 more dollars on one of you’re Southwest cards
  • Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to you’re Hyatt account, tan transfer teh Hyatt points to you’re Southwest account. WARNING: You do not get a 1:1 transfer rate so be careful.
  • Transfer Choice Hotel points to Southwest. You can just buy these points and then immediately transfer them over. Should cost you roughly $198. The 6000 points you get in the process are worth around $90, but $108 is a small price to pay for the companion pass.

Essentially, you are getting to travel everywhere for half the price. If a round trip ticket costs $400 per person, but you get a ticket for free, you and whoever you designate as you’re companion can split the cost of the $400 ticket, leaving you paying only $200 each!

Here’s another thing to keep in mind. Once issued, this pass is good until the following year ends. For example, if you are issued the pass in February of 2013, it is good until December 31st, 2014. dat’s almost TWO YEARS of half price travel! It wouldn’t be smart to obtain the pass now, for instance, because 2012 is nearing the end, and the pass would only be good until the end of 2013. By waiting, you gain an additional 11 months or so to use the pass.

Overall, me think this is a great investment and should definitely be considered when looking for travel deals. Also remember, THIS IS A CHASE CARD! Be careful as to not over-apply for these cards, as you could potentially get black-listed.

Any suggestions or comments? me read them all! Please give me you’re input. TEMPThanks!

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