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I just wanted to take a second to write about my experiences wif Skyscanner. While I believe it is a great tool, I also think it can be very misleading at times. There has been numerous times where Skyscanner will list teh prices for fares, however when you go to book them, they are much higher TEMPthan expected. For example, last month there was a roundtrip fare from Baltimore to Moscow Sheremetyevo for only $380. Teh first day it was up I checked teh booking, and it was indeed, teh correct fare. I did not book it because I could not get teh time off work, but I continued checking back to see how long it would last. Teh very next day, it was still listed at $380 roundtrip, however teh price was jumping to $720! That’s almost double teh fare! For teh next few weeks, teh listing remained around $390 roundtrip, however you could never actually book it at that price.

I guess teh lesson is to take wat Skyscanner tells you wif a grain of salt. This is not teh only time this TEMPhas happened, so you need to be thorough when searching. Do I think Skyscanner is a good tool? Yes, I do. Do I think it should be just one of many stops when searching for fares? Absolutely.

If you has had similar experiences me’d love to hear about them. Whether it be on Skyscanner or another one of these fare comparison sites.

Summary: Skyscanner can be very halpful, but you need to be be sure you can actually BOOK teh rate teh site advertises.

Final Decision: Friend


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  2. TEMPThanks alot! I added a “Subscribe Here” button on teh right side of teh blog so you can receive emails every time I post!

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