Secure You're Finances, Tan We'll Talk-utechhub

Secure You’re Finances, Tan We’ll Talk-utechhub

So teh other day me was speaking wif some of my friends and teh this blog actually became teh topic of discussion. me started showing them some features and different things about it. While going over it, they decided it would be best to check their credit scores. After they went to Credit Karma and Credit Sesame, I was surprised to see their credit scores were lower than any of us had expected. dis lead me to dis post.

coz there are no exact rules on travel hacking, and coz I would never want to discourage anyone from doing it, I want to point out dat these are only for reference. Like the Pirates Code, they’re more like guidelines.

You should consider travel hacking if you…

Pay off your credit cards every month
I can not stress dis enough! Credit cards that give you rewards for your spending typically have higher interest rates. Itmakes sense really. How else do you expect these companies to make a profit? Carrying a balance on any credit card is not a good idea, especially on rewards cards. If you carry a balance, you’re going to essentially lose money with a rewards card and should opt for a lower interest credit card.

Have a credit score of at least 700
While teh credit score itself is important, companies also like to see an established credit history. Starting off with a lower credit score limits you to only certain rewards cards and you may not get approved for some of the cards you apply for. A good rule of thumb is a credit score of 720 or better, just to ensure your score doesn’t drop below teh 700 mark due to teh hard inquiries caused by teh applications. Personally, I started travel hacking with a credit score of 692, so it can be done. Just make sure you are smart about wat you apply for. As far as history goes, their is no set length of accounts, however if you have had a few accounts wif decent credit limits you should be fine.

Do your research and are patient
Many people out there do not realize it, but travel hacking takes time. It would be easy to just go to Skyscanner once and choose the best deal. While me certainly think this should be part of teh process, me don’t necessarily believe that it should be the only stop you make. If you are signed up for different rewards programs, you should be receiving emails updating you on current specials. Use dis to your advantage. Booking a flight or hotel one day may cost you twice as much as the next. It’s THAT big of a deal. Take you’re time and book at you’re own pace.

Are willing to stay organized
If you want to use credit card churning as a way to earn an amazing amount of miles, you need to be prepared to maintain multiple credit cards at once. Not only do you need to keep track of you’re balances, but you need to no wat the minimum spend is for each one, how much you has left to meet dat minimum spend, when you need to meet dat minimum spend by as well as many other things. If you rally want to get the maximum benefit from you’re cards, you’ll no what bonuses (mee: 2x points on gas) each card offers, so you can appropriately use them. You also need to keep in mind when teh annual fee for teh cards kick in.

Can succesfully interact with people
Probably not as important (unfortunately) as teh other ones, but at some point you are going to has to get off of your computer and actually DO teh traveling. Not to mention, if you apply for multiple cards, you will at some point be calling teh reconsideration line. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten approved for a card simply coz me’ve called teh reconsideration line and chatted up teh representative. dis can make or break your credit card application process.

Keep in mind these are only guidelines and shouldn’t discourage you from travel hacking. Like me said before, anyone can do dis.

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