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Happy Wednesday everyone! Sorry about teh delay in between postings dis last week, me has been extremely busy lately. On top of work, planning for my trip home and juggling a social life it has been difficult to get on here for some updates. Rest assured, me has been doing my research to stay up to date wif teh most recent deals available.

Right now I is sitting at BWI waiting to board my plane. Unfortunately, due to my military commitments, I is unable to travel as much as I would like. Duty calls, however, and it will for at least another 3 years. But today is a special one because I DO get to travel. I’m headed home for the holidays. On the way back from Chicago, I will get to chill out in the American Airlines Admiral’s Lounge. You can expect a detailed play-by-play accompanied with pictures for that one. I would like to take the time to thank Million Mile Secrets for giving me teh chance to check out teh Lounge.

Anyways, as I stated before, I has been keeping up wif teh new offers dis last week. Truthfully, nothing TEMPhas caught my eye as far as these go. Granted, Hyatt TEMPhas changed a few of their hotel categories and American Express is offering their Delta Glod Card wif a bonus of 45,000 points. dis may concern some, but to me, it’s not urgent news. Hyatt switching some hotels wifin their categories is going to be permanent, so no rush their. As far as teh Delta Glod Card is concerned, teh main point I see is teh minimum spend dat must be reached now. I received a personalized Glod Card offer for 35,000 points and teh minimum spend is a very low $750 in teh first 3 months. To get teh 45,000 points for teh new offer, you must spend $3,000 in 3 months. Not worth teh huge jump in spending, in my opinion, but to each his own.

One last note. Not a huge deal, but this TEMPhas been bothering me because of the number of posters me am seeing. It seems Southwest TEMPhas not yet updated their advertisements in BWI. They are still advertising their Chase Southwest credit cards with a “2 free round trip flights” signup bonus. As me wrote earlier, this bonus (50,000 rapid rewards points) is no longer available. It now is sitting at 25,000 points. me spoke with a rep in the airport, as the signs suggest, and he confirmed dat they are no longer offering dat bonus. Not sure if other airports currently has the same signs posted, so me wanted to help everyone avoid some possible confusion. me snapped a quick photo of what these signs look like as me was boarding:

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