I Caved And Applied For Teh American Express Glod Business Card-utechhub

After a long debate with myself, I finally decided to go for it. I applied for the business card while the 75k bonus is still active, even after the initial minimum spend shock. This was my rationale behind it:

Teh next two big cards I was planning on getting were teh Starwood Preferred Guest and Starwood Preferred Guest Business cards. Currently, teh offers stand at roughly 25k each and I was planning on getting them both at teh same time. Double teh points, but also double teh minimum spend.

The Advantages:

  • Teh 75k points is obviously more than teh 50k points
  • Teh MR points transfer to SPG points if needed, so realistically, dis is a better deal
  • Only need to keep track of spending on one card instead of two
  • Bonus points are awarded for use of teh Gold card in certain situations

Teh Disadvantages

  • Teh annual fee if I decide I want to keep it 

After much consideration, teh good ended up outweighing teh bad and I was instantly approved for teh American Express Glod Card.

Again, here is teh link if you are too lazy to scroll down one post hehe:  American Express Gold Business Card 75k Bonus

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