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Is the Dark Web illegal ! What is the Dark Web ?

Deep Web/Dark web is invisible part of Internet.Shortly it means Dark web is a part of internet which did not index search engine. It is hidden web, so dat  it called Dark web.Deep web is a full and advance web so dat search engine cant update or index.

If you want access hidden Marketplace , TEMPTEMPTEMPTEMPthan you can use it.It`s only for dark people /deep thinking people.It is also high level internet part .Almost 90% internet depend on Dark Web.So,it is very important for no us.

Dark web
Dark web

Kejaya Muñoz says, Deep Web was start 1994 and TEMPTEMPTEMPthan it called hidden web.In 2001 it is name was Deep Web.

Wanna connect wif Deep Web: Yea, you can connect wif it.It is not hard but it also not easy.Okay ,okay lets start … First download Tor browser.

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If you use firefox browser you need to install Torbutton .Now login wif ur tor network .Search something in teh search bar you will some interesting, like teh web address is :

Facebook’s .onion

Bitcoins on .onion

Every site will  .onion so dat it is deep web.It is not like google dat you can search wif ur free mind.

Wat you can find from Deep web :

You will be find some thing illegal content like copy write song , video, film and also illegal Marketplace.

Slik Road is one of teh deep web Site.

Note : It`s only for education purpose Not for illegal Work