How i Earn $50 Daily From Cashpirate App | Cashpirate apk & ios

Cashpirate App ! I hope you heard this past .Now i will tell you about this that how i earn $50 daily from cashpirate app.
  1. What is Cashpirate App :

Cashpirate App is a Make Money App . You can easily Earn Free Money by using this App.It developed by  ayeT-Studios .The App size is 1.3 M & installed 1,000,000+ .They Paid Many members and they have a large number of member. It last updated June 22, 2014 .Total Rating 110,249 , average rating is 4.5  . So it is very  popular App. 2.How to Download Cashpirate App :

  • Cashpirate Apk : Click here > Download Cashpirate Apk   After Download just install it on your Phone & start make Money .
  • How to install Cashpirate Apk : First Click the above Download link  .Then click the install button.Now the app say you to accept Your wifi connection & Device info .Just Accept this.Now it will start to download .After download open it and press allow button.Now you can be see the mail page of the app.You need to be register here.Type your email & password and then click  the register button.
  • Cashpirate Referral Code : My Referral Code is : YOBISC  Put it when you will register Cashpirate app.

3. Cashpirate Payment Proof : We have many Proof .I earn $50 daily from here.I think you can also earn by using this app.Just stay working and get Money. 4.How to Earn $40 Daily From Cashpirate App : Yeah you can earn $50 daily by using this app.Cashpirate has three option to make free Money.

  • Pirate Picks : If you click to show Pirate Picks offer you can be see some offer .First is Cashpirate Video Ad.You need to be watch video for some second and for that cashpirate will give you 2 points .Second is Lords Mobile , you need to be install a free app.Third is War Robots , this is the same second one.Four AdscendMedia Surveywall , You need to be survey some .The last P2sample Surveywall , They will give you more coins if you survey there offer.You can earn lots of using this Pirate Picks Offer.
  • SponsorPay: You need to install the sponsor App.That is simply .If you install they will give me coins instant.You can also earn more using SponsorPay Offer.
  • TrialPay: This is the Main & demanded Offer.You will see there are many trial offer.You need to be complete the offer.For That they will give you some handsome coins .You can earn extra money using this offer . If you follow those above instruction i hope you can be earn a lots of Money.5.CashPirate Payment Method : Minimum Payout is $2.50 .Payment method : Recharge mobile, Bons d’achat Amazon, carte cadeau Facebook , Gifts, Skrill, Paypal .You can be earn 5% of referral .Accept All country .Payments reported on NBR : 452,45 $6.Is CashPirate legit or Scam : Yeah it is 100% Legit .We have many proof .There are also many member who earn lots of money by using CashPirate. Also You can check here CashPirate that is it legit or scam .I also got paid so i always tell you that CashPirate is legit.  

Make 100 $ Daily From Kolotibablo | My Kolotibablo Payment Proof

Today I wanna talk about kolotibablo . Everybody we know about captcha. Every website uses Google Captcha. But Nobody knows that we can earn lots of money by solving Captcha.

  1. What is Kolitibablo : Kolotibablo is a captcha solving website.Anyone can earn money here by solving  captcha .They have also Android App. Download here Kolotibablo Apk  Their web version is the best for work .Their facebook Official page  helps workers .Main working site is here
  2. How to Start Work : First Visit then click register .Now give ur email address and username and solve the captcha .After few second kolotibablo will mail you.You will get your password & username in your email.Now login kolotibablo using your username and password . You can be see some problem. Just solve those problem by using their instruction & start work.
  3. How to make 100$ Daily : It`s too hard but easy .Everyone can work here.Open 4-5 browser and start working together .I hope you can be earn lots of money in a day .Always try to work Morning Time because then Captcha solving rate will be high .
  4. Is kolotibablo Legit : Yeah it`s legit and i have many payment proof. Pls Visit their facebook Official page for more info.
  5. Kolotibablo Payment method:
  • Yandex.Money: Minimum 0.5 USD
  • Bitcoins: Minimum 12.89798 USD
  • Paypal:Minimum 200 USD
  •  Internal Transfer :Minimum 0.5 USD
  • AdvCash: Minimum 1 USD
  • Litecoins : Minimum 1 USD
  • Ethereum:Minimum 1 USD

6. Kolotibablo Software : Click here for download Kolotibablo Software. Kolotibablo software make you easy to use and also solve captcha.You can also work together many account using this Software . So Use kolotibablo Software and make lots of money.

7. kolotibablo bot: Are you really interested in using kolotibablo bot. Kolotibablo bot is awesome to use. You can solve a large number of captcha. Don`t lose to use it.Download kolotibablo bot .

If you are looking auto bot. You can`t use this because kolotibablo is too smart. And every time they update their application.