BINBOK Switch Pro Controller Review: In 2021 Best Wireless Switch Controller
BINBOK Switch Pro Controller

BINBOK Switch Pro Controller Review: In 2021 Best Wireless Switch Controller

Hey Guys, it’s time to use BINBOK Switch Pro Controller, Wireless Switch Controller with Adjustable Turbo/Dual Vibration/6-Axis Gyro/Non-Slip Switch Gamepad Remote Joystick for Switch/Switch Lite. BINBOK Switch Pro Controller is Amazing to use in 2021 if you want the best Nintendo Switch controller that is very easy to use and long battery life. Most Important is the built-in Turbo function makes this switch controller play arcade or action games easier.

Why BINBOK Switch Pro Controller? Why not Other!

  • High-performance controller with some quirks common to third-party controllers.
  • A good handheld alternative to the Joycons. It’s worth the buy.
  • Best Nintendo Switch controller! Better than Joycon.
  • Pairing wirelessly most difficult but very easy. Long battery life!
  • Recommended buy for the price, Lightweight, but gets the job done.
  • Fantastic choice over small Joycons and very comfortable and great battery life. The closest thing to a PS controller. A+
  • Great value, Good price, good controller and It works Good with Nintendo Switch lite
  • Great quality for the low price and Great family controller for Nintendo switch
  • Great controls and feel. I can say Solid purchase, best Switch controller money can buy!
  • Fast Shipping and Xbox styled Switch Controller. Decent 3rd party pro controller.
  • fast shipping works great
  • Very comfortable to use, it called an awesome controller at a great price. Works great with DS
  • This controller works great and battery life is amazing!

BINBOK Switch Pro Controller Main Features

  • Bluetooth connection, lower interference, stable connecting signal
  • With 6-axis gyroscope
  • With turbo function
  • Built-in dual vibration
  • Built-in 600mAh Li-polymer battery, support 8-10 hours working time
  • Ergonomic hand – fit design with non-slip materials
  • Designed and improved based on original equipment, effectively enhanced your game sessions
  • Dual shock
  • Turbo Function
  • Screenshot Shortcut
  • Ergonomic & Non-Slip Design
  • Long Battery life

I think all of those Amazing features will catch your eye. That is why I always recommend you to buy BINBOK Switch Pro Controller, not another Switch Controller. If you buy this Switch Controller then I am sure you will enjoy your Controller.

Product information

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BINBOK Switch Pro Controller PROS

  1. Great build quality. Lowest price, It works Good with Nintendo Switch lite.
  2. The ergonomics of this design are friendly. It called Ergonomic & Non-Slip Design
  3. The BINBOK Switch Pro Controller A/B/X/Y buttons are slightly closer together than the official Nintendo Pro Controller, and you can feel that they are more comfortable, even if only slightly, to use repeatedly, than Nintendo’s.
  4. The handles on the grip feel very solid and the rubberized grips keep your hands solid on the controller. If you will have this controller for a week, and the handles don’t seem to be attracting dust.
  5. Mostly Syncing up the controllers via the included USB-C cable was flawless and effortless. You can turn the console on, plug in the controller, and it will just be locked right in. You can see Zero issues.
  6. BINBOK Switch Pro Controller all buttons and triggers, including the thumbstick buttons, perform effortlessly and transparently.
  7. Battery life is excellent on this controller. It comes with a charge on it, but they will recommend you for charging it fully for a few hours before using it.

BINBOK Switch Pro Controller CONS

  1. The ZL/ZR triggers have a very sharp, scratchy edge on the bottoms them.
  2. BINBOK Switch Pro Controller does NOT wake your console with the Home key. It will just sit there with the lights blinking back and forth and never turn the console on until it eventually turns off. Maybe you will not like it.
  3. When changing the grip order on the console, or answering the “PRESS L/R TRIGGERS” in a game to add your controller to the list, you’ll notice that the controller isn’t lit up when that happens.
  4. Pressing the triggers will not sync up your controller in this case. That’s a little tiny bit annoying, but at this point, just like an Official controller, pressing the HOME button will sync it right up, so it’s not any more trouble, but only annoying because you’re expecting to press L/R as instructed by the console.
  5. The manual is not translated very well, so some of the finer features of the controller, such as the Turbo feature, are hard to understand to folks like me who have never used them. If you don’t miss this feature, this probably won’t be an issue for you.
  6.  The thumbsticks are a little stiffer than the original controllers, perhaps because they seem to have a slightly tighter radius.

BINBOK Switch Pro Controller Overall

Probably it is a good choice to buy BINBOK Switch Pro Controller if you want a Good build quilty, long-life battery, an Ergonomic & Non-Slip Design Controller. We can already see many buyers already purchased this Switch Pro Controller and they wrote a good Review. So I can call it the Best Switch Pro Controller in 2021.

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