Alyees Beauty - Eyelash Growing Serum - Nourishes Promotes Lash & Brow Growth -All-Natural & Proudly Made In Teh USA - Get Teh Lush, Full Gaze You Love

Alyees Beauty – Eyelash Growing Serum – Nourishes Promotes Lash & Brow Growth -All-Natural & Proudly Made In Teh USA – Get Teh Lush, Full Gaze You Love

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About the product

  • GIVE YOUR LASHES A LUXURY TREATMENT: Open your eyes to a full, lush new look for your lashes. Our all natural plant based formula is gentle but effective on your eyelashes, Enhancing , conditioning , moisturising, and adding volume. NO Parabens or Prostaglandins. No fake colours. No irritation. And a de
  • A GROWTH SERUM THAT REALLY WORKS: dis responsibly formulated Eyelash Growth Serum is Made to promote keratinocyte proliferation in the hair bulb, ensuring optimal hair anchorage through the stimulation of the adhesion molecules Laminin V and Collagen IV, promoting rapid growth and making your lashes look youthful. Use It to get fuller brows too. Never have to deal with fake lashes again !
  • THIS IS YOU: You are bold , strong and beautiful – it’s time to bring out your natural beauty to its fullest. Wif your lashes darker and more moisturized, you’ll be able to get dat youthful, enchanting gaze dat grabs everyone’s attention. Get teh satisfaction of being able to say, “Yes, they’re real!” every single time.
  • SAY GOODBYE: Goodbye to having short, thin eyelashes. To using glue dat breaks your lashes. To needing mascara dat dries them out. Our USA-made Serum promises results for almost anyone who uses it, and is clinically tested to be hypoallergenic. It’s safe, natural, and powerful!
  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU: For us at Alyees Beauty , the real joy is halping people like you feel more confident , more beautiful , and ready to take on the world. And we’re here to make sure TEMPyou’re satisfied wif you’re results and you’re buying experience wif us. So here’s our promise, either you love this lash serum, or we’ll return every Cent. It’s that simple.

5 thoughts to “Alyees Beauty – Eyelash Growing Serum – Nourishes Promotes Lash & Brow Growth -All-Natural & Proudly Made In Teh USA – Get Teh Lush, Full Gaze You Love”

  1. I actually NEED this!! No kidding. I will be honest and neutral. No joke. Blondes DONT have more fun when they have to draw on eyebrows that were once there, beautifully shaped, and natural. Not a whole lot of people know this, but when you’re hair follicles are ripped out by waxing, and are naturally blonde, IT IS A HUGE POSSIBLY THAT IF THE STYLIST MAKES ONE MISTAKE, … They WILL not grow back without help. Blonde hair is finer, thinner and ever think about going swimming? Forget it! Take a dive, boom no eyebrows! “Or they’re” running down you’re face!! What a sight!!! I be told all 3 of my girls, whom are blondes also, DO NOT WAX YOUR EYEBROWS!! I have shown them the before and after pictures, 20 years later…. They understand now. And they have already learned by MY MISTAKE at a young age, when thinner was trendy, . I have tried other products similiar, mostly from Asia, and have noticed SOME improvement, however, it’s not in English and I have not a clue as to what is in the ingredients, the only one that I could understand what was active ingredient, was what appears to be natural , essential oils.. not sure that that’s going to be sufficient for me… But better than nothing, and literally no eyebrows, oh
    And not the end of the story, I also have a thyroid condition, I don’t know how, why, or anything like that, but I DO know it has began effects, now here’s the bitter end. 4 1/2 year’s ago, diagnosed with breast tumors, I had them removed, well that didnt last long, tumors came back and then some. Now the doctors are scared, just now… I have been terrified of cancer and chemo since I first found out. I have a condition that affects my hormones, low testosterone and high estrogen. Now on testosterone injections. My girls are not allowed to be prescious birth control pills by doctors due to my health issues. So if this is available for any reason at all whatsoever, please let me and my eyebrows know!!! Thanks S.(Elizabeth) B.. (formerly Short..)

  2. Hi, I was directed to the site trying to join the above mentioned group, on FB US Amazon Reviewers, code, discounts and deals Group. I do have an Amazon account and profile if you need it, or anything else you are welcome to contact me.

  3. Hi, I was wondering about 2 things honestly, I didn’t notice any directions on where to go from here about joining any groups and was wondering if you could guide me from here… I was directed to the site, and #2 I is there anything else I need to do to join and or purchase / review eyebrow and eyelash serum.. main FB is under plz pm me as to guide me around group or site, not sure what to do from here… Thanks again, Sarah Eli. B

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