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🔥 60% OFF 3 piece Peeler Set 1 vegetable slicer 1 cheese grater 1 onion chopper kitchen set Multifunctional fruit peelers

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Set: thing included 3 peelers: 1 vegetable slicer 1 cheddar grater 1 onion chopper .Premium turn vegetable peeler agreeable ergonomic hold stripping any organic products or red potatoes, destroying cabbage, make a dainty cuts of cheddar. Simple doing julienne from pumpkin and zucchini.

Material: Potato peeler Made of top notch ABS handle. Melon Ball Scoop that you can undoubtedly eliminate soil spot on potato and more veg. Double Stainless Steel cutting edges stay ultra sharp and turn for smooth, easy stripping. The peeler should deal with knocks and bends easily and without obstructing or losing its edge.and the zinc compound body ensured non-rust, strong and against erosion, dishwasher protected and simple to store.

Plan: The normal single length of the tuxedo is 18CM/7 inch. The handle is sufficiently long to hold the peeler for greatest strength and forestall incidental cuts.

MULTI-PURPOSE: peelers set arrangement of 3: Straight peeler utilized for stripping leafy foods skin. veggie peeler useful for destroying cabbage, cutting veggies. Julienne peeler will make julienne from vegetables, for example, carrot. Stripping any organic products or veggies, destroying cabbage , make a slender cuts of cheddar.

Blessing: It is vegetable peelers for kitchen and contraptions in 2020. You can get it and offer it to your mom, sister, or companion. He will cherish it.

Item depiction

The new plan of premium 3 piece vegetable peeler set has a savvy approach to save your space. veggie and organic product peeler set has a one handle and 3 replaceable capacity parts. This handle fits for every one of them, you simply need to pick which edge required. Peelers configuration works for both ways hand.

What does vegetable peeler 3 of every 1 incorporates?

onion chopper

Encourages you destroying cabbage effectively, cutting vegetables oronion . Presently your vegan and vegetable side dishes rush to make.

cheddar grater

This sort of vegetable peeler will make a standard size julienne for strong natural products or vegetables, for example, carrot,cheese, zucchini and others.

vegetable slicer

Stripping potatoes, any natural product or vegetable, hard vegetable skin. Top piece of the peeler has a potato eye remover.

This set is peelers for kitchen, you can consider it julienne peeler/natural product peeler/y peeler/vegetable peeler/potatoe peeler/julienne slicer/veggie peeler/potato peelers/potato peelers for kitchen/citrus peeler/potato peeler/potatoes peeler and so on

Ward off for youngsters ! The edges are exceptionally sharp. Continuously get sharp edges far from fingers and body. At the point when peelers are not being used, store in a protected spot.

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