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šŸ”„ 50% OFF LCD Writing Tablet for Kidsļ¼ˆMultipurposeļ¼‰

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LCD Writing Tablet for Kidsļ¼ˆMultipurposeļ¼‰, After code only $8.85


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Because of the impediment of LCD materials, in the wake of squeezing the erase button, you need to stand by two seconds to compose once more.

ā™„ Eye Protection Screen: The QDH LCD composing tablet adjusts the most up to date pressure-delicate innovation, you can make lines with pointer or any hard articles, much the same as composing on paper. The screen is non-radiation and no blue light, no damage to kids.

ā™„ Easy to Use: Press the eradicate button, discharging the screen in just a single second, Switch the lock key to save the substance, you can even now delete the example subsequent to opening. Free kid’s creative mind, doodle board give better preschool experience!

ā™„ Save paper and Multi-Purposes: Kids composing load up is Eco-Friendly, No paper or chalk required, Built-in battery can be utilized for a half year, not just appropriate for child’s Graffiti Arithmetic and Drawing additionally reasonable for leaving messages for your sweetheart.

ā™„ Perfect presents for youngsters: Kids can utilize QDH planning phase to animate their imagination and keep occupied like writing or rehearsing word. LCD Writing tablet is certainly an essential piece of your present rundown for Birthday Christmas or any event.

ā™„ Lightweight and Portable: QDH LCD composing tablet is made of top notch ABS material, and hostile to fall. Appearance size: 8.74* 5.55* 0.19 in, weight: 0.24 lb, Easy to put it in packs, appropriate for events: front room, vehicle, plane, class, outside.

Be Friends with Nature

The Electronic Writing Pad Can Write 100,000 Times Repeatedly With One Button Delete Function, Without Charge And Connection. Saving You 100,000 Pieces Of Paper And Countless Pens. Save 5 Big Trees For Mother Nature. Just One Coin Battery Is Needed To Replace The Traditional Battery. It Is Easy To Buy And Replace It In Stores. There Is No Need To Worry About The Environmental Pollution Caused By Throwing Paper Everywhere.

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QDH LCD Writing Tablet

Wonderful Gift Choise, Good Helper In Life

The LCD Writing Tablet Can Be Used For Children To Doodle, Draw, Write, Count And So On To Improve Their Imagination.

As A Family Message Board, Leave Messages For Your Relatives.

As A Shopping List, You Can Clearly Understand Your Needs.

Working People Can Also Be Used As Working Memorandums.

Hard of hearing quiet People Can Communicate Better.

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Updated plan

LCD WritingTablet Earise button is at the highest point of the screen to forestall unintentional cancellation of pictures.

Weight touchy tech

The composing tablet surface makes lines of various thickness dependent on your push presure, much the same as composing on paper with a pen or pencil!

LightWeight and Portable

QDH LCD composing tablet weight equivalents to two eggs and convenient. Reasonable for numerous events: vehicle, homeroom, front room, outside, and so on

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