🔥 23% off Projector, WiMiUS 6500 Lumens Native 1920x1080P HD Video Projector

🔥 23% off Projector, WiMiUS 6500 Lumens Native 1920x1080P HD Video Projector

🔥 23% off Projector, WiMiUS 6500 Lumens Native 1920x1080P HD Video Projector


Projector, WiMiUS 6500 Lumens Native 1920x1080P HD Video Projector, original price is£199.99 and now it’s £152.99

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WiMiUS S1 Projector Light Up Your World!

Innovative 4D ±50° Keystone Correction

±50° Horizontal and vertical keystone correction eliminates the trapezoid effect when the projector is placed at an indirect angle from the screen, allowing you to set the projector up in a corner or on a side table to facilitate projection in more places.

How to get the clearest pictures:

Firstly use the remote control to adjust the 4D keystone correction to make image rectangle; Then slowly rotate the focus lens to make the picture clear.

Note: The left and right sides of projector must remain at the same height when control the keystone correction.

S1 Projector Can Work as A Soundbar!

HiFi Stereo Speaker, Working As Soundbar!

Our LED projector delivers dual powerful 5-Watts of spectacular stereo sound, whether using it indoor or outdoor, two acoustically balanced drivers encased in resonant chambers inside the projector deliver vibrant, rich and full range sound.

Innovative Soundbar Function

WiMiUS S1 projector can be used as a soundbar when you are not projecting, which is the biggest feature that not possible on other projectors. Support for Stereo Surround, support all kinds of audio formats with Dolby. A truly incredible sound experience that can be obtained with our full HD video projector.

If you don’t know how to use it, eamil WiMiUS at any time!

Excellent in Brightness 6500 Lumens

High Brightness with 6,500 Lumens, Full HD 1080p Visual Performance

With advantage in both brightness and clarity. Adding 80% better brightness for a brighter & wider viewing even in slight light especially in the outdoor place such as backyard, Garage. Native 1080p (1920×1080) resolution renders sharp and detailed images from HD content without downscaling or compression, which is perfect for movies, TV shows and gaming.

High Contrast Ratio 8000: 1

With native high Contrast Ratios of 8000:1, WiMiUS Home Theater projectors deliver real-world performance, beaming images with remarkably crisp shadow details to provide a better visual experience.

Spectacular Viewing Theater

Experience on a Massive 300” Screen

Up to 300″ projection size with aspect ratio of 16:9/4:3.

Turn your projector into a smart display by connecting your smartphone or tablet with a single cable using MHL; An additional Micro USB/ Type-C to HDMI cable adapter (for Android) or a Lightning to HDMI cable adapter (for iOS) is required.(NOTE: Android phone need to support MHL function)

X / Y Zoom Function

WiMiUS S1 projector has a motorized zoom facility which can reduce the image up to 75% of the original length and width with the remote control. For instance, you can use the remote control to select “X_ZOOM” or “Y_ZOOM” to adjust the length and width when you want to reduce the picture size. With this innovative function, no need to adjust the projector distance frequently to matches the screen size.

Let WiMiUS S1 Video Projector Colorful Your Life!

WiMiUS S1 Video Projector is a Great Companion Not Only to Project Your Favorite Videos/Photos at Home, But Also a Great Partner for Party or Camping!

How to match or re-match the remote controller?

Long press the two volume buttons, the remote control flashes red, then turn on the projector power until the remote stops flashing red, indicating that the match is successful and the remote can be used again. (Tips: There is an operation card with the package, please read it carefully when in use!)

Usage Warm Tips for S1 HD Projector

  • Use in low-light environments for best results. Dolby sound is supported.
  • To minimize the risk of overheating, turn off after 3-4 hours of continuous usage.
  • It can be used for PPT PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or business presentations only when contacted with PC/Laptop/MacBook!
  • The projector can play 2K or 4K videos by connecting the smartphones/ laptop/ MacBook directly, but cannot support play 4k format videos by connecting USB stick or 4k devices.
  • Due to the current technical bottleneck, most 1080p projectors on the market cannot smoothly play 1080p/ 60fps video. But you can smoothly play 1080p/ 30fps video smoothly by USB reader. Hope you could understand.


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